This section should explains the steps that occur during and after a fire alarm is set off during regular hours (M-F 8am-5pm).

Floor Wardens will assist in the evacuation process, guiding people on all floors toward the nearest exit. When they are sure that the building is empty, the Floor Wardens then help those who have gathered in the Evacuation Assembly Area, keep the center courtyard clear, and disseminate the latest information from the Unit Heads.

The Building Manager attempts to find the cause and the source of the fire alarm and determine whether or not it is a false alarm. The Building Manager is also responsible for communicating and coordinating with the UCI Police and the Firemen that arrive on the scene, as well as contacting Campus Facilities to reset the alarm system. the building manager also coordinates the Floor Wardens and passes on current information to Unit Heads and Floor Wardens. When a false alarm is determined and the alarm system has been reset, the Building Manager will give the go-ahead for staff to enter the building. The Building Manager will be the Library contact person in the event of a fire alarm.

Important Notes:

A. After the Alarm stops, please wait to re-enter the building. The alarm panel MUST be reset, whether the alarm occurs during regular working hours or after hours, weekends included.

B. If the fire alarm sounds after hours or on weekends when the Building Manager is not on site, the most senior person on staff in the library must fill the position of the Library Contact Person and communicate where appropriate with the Campus Police, Fire Department, etc.

C. If the fire alarm sounds after hours, or if the Building Manager is unavailable during regular hours, call the Campus Facilities Help Desk for assistance and to arrange to have the fire alarm panel reset. 

Procedures for evacuating Library Buildings

When the fire alarm goes off, EVERYONE incluoding patrons in the library should follow these instructions:

1. Leave the Building Immediately

A. Both patrons and staff should not take time to gather up personal belongings.

B. Floor Wardens will help clear the floors of people in an orderly fashion.

C. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS when the fire alarm sounds.
Instead, use the stairwells to exit the building.

2. Assemble In The Proper Evacuation Area

Langon Library Evacuation Assembly Area: The Evacuation Assembly Area is on the inner ring to Aldrich Park adjacent to the Langson Library. Patrons and staff should not be in the quad between the Langson Library and the study center.

Ayala Science Library Evacuation Assembly Area: The Evacuation Assembly Area is the plaza on the West side of the building, facing the College of Medicine (It is now filled with trees) The Alternate Evacuation Assembly Area is on the East side of the building, on the ring mall.

B. Stay clear of the building by at least forty feet, to minimize the chance of being struck by falling debris.

3. Stay Together

A. Unit heads will be responsible for taking a roll call to make sure that everyone has exited the building safely.

4. Wait For Instructions

A. The fire alarm needs to be reset before the building may again be occupied. Information will be passed on via Floor Wardens, CSOs, or the most senior person on staff at that particular time.

5. Enter the Building, Staff First

A. Staff should enter the building at least five minutes before patrons are let back in. After all staff are in place, business should continue as usual.

Emergency Exits

UC Irvine Libraries Building Evacuation Routes

To view or print the Library Wide Building Evacuation Routes please click here:     Library Evacuation Routes

Langson Library Evacuation Routes

Basement Third Floor
First Floor Fourth Floor
Second Floor Fifth Floor

Gateway Study Center 2nd Floor Evacuation Routes

Second Floor

Ayala Science Library Evacuation Routes

First Floor Fourth Floor
Second Floor Fifth Floor
Third Floor Sixth Floor

Grunigen Medical Library

First Floor