Electronic Resources Cataloging Policy

Contact Person: Vicki Grahame
Created date: 12/19/03
Last Updated Date: 12/10/12


The Cataloging Department catalogs electronic resources according to national and local standards. Records for electronic resources are added to ANTPAC based on this policy.

Paid electronic resources:

All paid electronic resources are fully cataloged in ANTPAC. Whether or not all individual titles within aggregator-type resources are cataloged separately depends on a number of factors including the nature of the resource, the stability of the content, and the number of titles. The level of cataloging is determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • CDL-licensed electronic resources are cataloged by the Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) and records are distributed to campuses on a weekly basis - UCI uploads these records promptly to our local catalog
  • Locally-licensed electronic resources are cataloged by the Cataloging Department after we receive notification of their availability from the ER Acquisitions Librarian

Free electronic resources:

Some free electronic resources that provide full-text access to a title are fully cataloged in ANTPAC. Electronic Resources receiving this treatment include the following categories:

  • U.S. government documents that have cataloging records supplied by Marcive
  • California government documents and other selected titles processed by the Shared Cataloging Program (SCP)
  • Open access resources selected by bibliographers that do not require registration or other licensing.

Websites and Blogs:

Some websites or blogs that provide stable access to quality resources are cataloged in ANTPAC if selected for such treatment by a bibliographer.

Trial Access:

UCI follows the UC/CDL policy of not cataloging trials, nor processing titles for which there is only temporary complimentary access.

Mass Digitization:

In accordance with UC/CDL policy, UCI does not catalog or retain links in ANTPAC for UC mass digitized content, including Google Books and HathiTrust. These resources are discoverable via Next Generation Melvyl, as well as via the Google API in ANTPAC. For more information see http://www.cdlib.org/services/collections/massdig/books.html.


In addition, in accordance with the Library of Congress’ practice, many of our records include links to table of contents, summaries, and sample text available online at the Library of Congress.

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