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001 Field Usage in ANTPAC Bibliographic Records Policy
006 and 007 For Serials
793 field for e-resources guidelines


Accompanying Material Policies and Procedures
Accompanying Material with Serials, Cataloging and Location Guidelines
Activating New Online Access Procedure
Added Monographic Copies (Print) Procedure
Added Monographic Volumes (Print)
Adding SuDoc and CalDoc numbers to existing Antpac records
Alphabetic Location Codes Table
ANTPAC Record Types
Approval Series and Duplicate Checks
Attaching New Orders to Withdrawn Monograph Records Procedure
Authority Procedures for Catalogers
Authority Records in ANTPAC


Bank Transfer Procedures
Barcoding Policy & Placement Guidelines for the UCI Libraries
Bibliographers' Purchases
Bibliographers’ guidelines for print serial renewals
Bindery Missing Issues Process
Binding Policy
Binding Serial Added Volumes
Binding-In House Using Fastbind


California Documents Monograph Copy Cataloging Guidelines
California Documents Serials Cataloging Guidelines
Call Number Entry in Bibliographic and Attached Records
Cancellation Policy
Cataloging Monographs on Receipt Call Number Procedures
Cheat Sheet for GOBI Invoices
Cheat Sheet for GOBI Invoices
Checkin Card Policy
Checking In Microfilm/Microform
Checking Series Authority to Establish Treatment/Routing Procedure
CJK Print Monographs Copy Cataloging Guidelines
Claiming Procedures
Codes For Scode4 in Checkin Records
Conference Proceedings Cataloging Guidelines
Content Management System (CMS) Policy and Procedure
Copy Cataloging Approval Books Using OCLC Connexion
Creating a Tickler for a Specific Record Procedure
Creating Princeton File Units Procedure
Creating Records for Foreign Approvals
Creating Records for Music Score Approvals
Creating Vendor Records in Millennium Procedure
Credit Card Ordering Procedure
Criterion Approvals


DACS Full Level Record Editing Procedures
DACS Minimal Level Record Editing Procedures
DDA via EBL-GOBI Workflow
Deleting Order Records
Deleting Uncataloged Bibliographic and/or Status 1 Order Records
Deletion of Extra Cataloged Bibliographic Records Procedure
Descriptions for ERCat Work Request System
Dimensions for Oversize Material Chart
Disposal of Excess Library Materials Procedures
Dissertation (Original) Processing for SRLF


E-Book Firm Orders via Coutts Workflow
E-Book Firm Orders via GOBI Workflow
E-Book Replacements Procedure
Electronic Resource Renewal Procedure
Electronic Resources Cataloging Policy
Electronic Resources Order Records Policy
EMPTY or DUMMY Item Records
Endowed & Named Collection Fund Processing Procedures
Entering Multi-Fund Orders
ERMS Workflow


Flags Progression in CMS Department Workflow
Flycats Processing Procedure
Foreign Currency Table Updating
Free Electronic Resources Local Cataloging Practices
Fund Code Changes Procedures


Generating Monthly Statistics in Millennium
Genre Heading Policy and Procedures
Gift Materials Cataloging Procedure


Holding Records for Serial Standing Orders Rotating Through Multiple Locations Procedures
Holding Records for Serials with Locations in CPR and Stacks Procedures
Holdings Record Creation Policy
Holdings Record Order Status (ORD STAT) Values
Holdings Record Retention Codes and Textual Holdings Statementes Policy
Holdings Record Workflow
Holdings Records for Serials Creation and Worklflow
Holdings Records for Standing Orders Rotating Through Multiple Locations
Holdings Records for Subscriptions with Holdings in a CPR and Stacks
Honor with Books Process
How Do Item Record Codes Affect Circulation?
How To Open Boxes


I Types for Print Volumes
I Types Tables
Icode1 Coding
ILL Ordering For Missing Pages
Intermediate Page Creation Procedure Overview
Intermediate Page Front Page Templates Procedure
Item Designations
Item Record Creation Policy
Item Record Guidelines


Last Copy Agreements
LC vs. NLM Call Numbers for Cataloging on Receipt
License Record Metadata Application Profile
Local Genre Headings
Local Notes Policy
Locally Licensed Electronic Resources Local Cataloging Practices
Location and Call Number Assignment
Location by Call Number for Printed Volumes Table
Location Driven Funds
Loose-leaf IR procedures


Maps, Posters and Other Sheets Processing Procedure
Media Repackaging Policy & Guidelines
Monographic Receiving Gobi Approval and Firm Shipments
Monographs on Receipt Cataloging Guidelines
Monographs on Receipt RDA Cataloging Guidelines
Monthly Reports Policy and Procedure
Multiple Copies Policy
Music Scores Binding Treatment Policy & Guidelines
Music Scores Copy Cataloging Guidelines


New Books Lobby (NBL) Procedure
NextGen ILL Workflow
NISO Level 3 Highlights
NISO Level 3 Standards at the UCI Libraries
NISO/MARC Lib. Has Statements in ANTPAC
NLM Call Number Assignment


OCLC Holdings Policy
Online Monographs Copy Cataloging Guidelines
Online Monographs Provider-Neutral Copy Cataloging Flowchart
OP Search in ABE
Order Record Variable Length Fields Policy and Procedure
Order Unit Last Copy Agreement Policy


Paying an Invoice in a Foreign Currency
Paying Electronic Invoices
PCOUNT and UPDCNT Procedures
Physical Processing of Collection Materials Procedures
Physical Processing Priorities
Placing RushNext Gen ILL Orders via VDX
Post Only Invoices for Credit Card Purchases
Posting Credit Memos
Posting publisher/vendor credit memos/check refunds
Preparing Monographic Invoices for Posting
Preservation Microfilm Instructions
Print Monographs Copy Cataloging Guidelines
Print Monographs Reproduction Cataloging Procedure
Print titles bound together subsequent to publication procedure
Processing Bookstore Recharge Payments
Processing Items Purchased on Endowment Funds
Processing Lindsay & Croft and Harrassowitz Approval Books
Prompt-Cat (PCAT) Monograph Cataloging Procedures
Pullslip Production


Receiver of the Week Duties
Receiving and Processing Approval and Firm FTP Files
Receiving Firm and Form Selections
Receiving Loose-Leaf Integrating Resources
Receiving Replacement Orders
Registering Local Titles Procedure
Repairs Review Policy & Workflow
Replacements Procedures-Library Wide
Requests for Not Yet Published Materials
Resource Record Creation Policy
Resource Record Metadata Application Profile
Responding to Requests for Not Yet Available Materials
Retained titles procedures
Routing Monographs After Receiving


Sales and use tax laws pertaining to Acquisitions
Scanner Cleaning Procedure
Scanning Materials for Collaborative Projects Workflow (between Cataloging and Special Collections and Archives)
Scanning Operations Closure Procedure
Scanning Operations Preparation Procedure
Scanning Upload Procedure
Search Strategy for Creating Lists to Select Serials for SRLF
Serial Locations and Classification Policy
Serial Shared Cataloging Maintenance Procedures
Serial Title Changes Workflow
Serials Cataloging of Microformats Procedures
Serials Cataloging: Special Collections
Serials Editing for CONSER Standard Records Guidelines
Serials Editing for Non CONSER Standard Records Guidelines
Serials Superseded and De-Ref Procedure
Series Authority Editing Guidelines
SFX Procedure - Threshold Example for Rolling-Wall Coverages & Embargos
Single vs. Separate Record Approach Policy-rev
Small Books Cataloging Procedure
Sound Recordings Copy Cataloging Guidelines
Special Collections Genre/Form Guidelines
Special Collections Monographs Cataloging Guidelines
Special Collections Monographs Location Table
Special Collections Monographs Physical Processing
SRLF Deposit Policies
SRLF Processing - Cataloged Monographs and Serials
SRLF Processing, Uncataloged Materials
SRLF Searching Serials in UCLA catalog
SRLF Workflow for Pre-Searching Single Volume Monographs
Standard Order Record Notes


Titles in Print and Microform


U.S. & California Documents Serials and Monographic Series
U.S. Hearings Withdrawal Procedures
UCI Print Theses and Dissertations Cataloging Guidelines
UCI Thesis and Dissertation Cutter Table
UCI’s SRLF Processing Policies
Uploading Dublin Core Metadata in UCISpace to OCLC WorldCat Procedure
URLs Preferred Sequence Criteria
URLs, Formatting of Holdings in 856 |3
URLs, When to Keep


Vendor Statistics Report
Videorecordings Access Entries Assignment Guidelines
Videorecordings Copy Cataloging Guidelines
Volume Designations in Item Records and Call Number Labels Policy


Web VPN ERERs - How to Resolve Them Guidelines
Withdrawal Coding Procedure
Withdrawing Local Access E-resources: Record Coding Procedure
Withdrawn Materials Records Retention Policy
Wordings for 856 Guidelines


Z Classification Policy