Library Electronic Classroom Use and Scheduling Policies and Procedures

The Library Electronic Classroom Use and Scheduling Policies and Procedures apply to the Langson Library Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) room 228, Ayala Science Library Multimedia Resources Center (MRC) rooms 160, 164 and 166 and the Grunigen Medical Libraries (GML) Instructional Technology Center (ITC) Classroom 1105.

I.    Policies

A.    The TEC, MRC rooms 160, 164 and 166, and ITC Classrooms are used both as classrooms and as public computing. Classroom use is the first priority; the rooms will be used as computer labs only when not needed for library instruction.

B.    Room scheduling for library electronic classroom facilities is limited to events sponsored by the UCI Libraries and where UCI Libraries' employees are active participants, except in the case of the ITC classroom, which may be used by SOM/UCIMC as well.

C.    Room reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and in accordance with section D for the TEC and D and section E for ITC.

D.    Instruction for UC Irvine Libraries' clientele has priority in use of the TEC and  MRC classrooms during Welcome Week and the first four weeks of each regular academic quarter. Reservations for these periods will be limited to any of the following:

  1. Course-based instruction provided for UCI courses listed in the Schedule of Classes, such as History 192, Dance 201, and Engineering 190.
  2. Library-based instruction provided in drop-in classes open to the UCI community, such as the Library Workshop Series, workshops offered collaboratively through UCI’s Electronic Educational Environment (EEE) and orientations held during events such as Welcome Week.
  3. Program-based instruction provided for UCI Libraries’ sponsored programs, such as graduate student orientations and SPIRIT (School Partnership for Instruction, Research, and Information Technology).
  4. Instructor of Record courses, such as Women’s Studies 160, Humanities 75 or Patient-Doctor I and II, where a librarian is listed as the instructor in the Schedule of Classes.

E.    ITC Policy can be found at:

F.    Library staff meetings and training sessions which require a computer/projection system but do not require a computer for each user for hands-on instruction will not be scheduled in classrooms. Exceptions will be made if all the computer/projection systems are booked or other library meeting rooms are not available.  See procedures under "II. A. 3." below.

G.    Room reservations will be made for the duration of the instructional session only, plus up to 30 minutes before and after the session.

H.    Library staff must make only one room reservation for each planned session and may not book multiple times or classrooms to cover contingencies.

I.     Library staff who have flexibility in scheduling multiple class sessions are encouraged to avoid scheduling classes in the same time slot every other day to avoid blocking slots for those needing to schedule "on-demand" course-based instructional activities.  For example, avoid booking the same time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday/Thursday of the same week.

J.     The TEC and the MRC classrooms are open as a public computer lab when not scheduled for instruction.  The GML ITC classrooms are open as computer labs for UCI students, faculty and staff only when not scheduled for instruction.

K.     MRC electronic classrooms 160, 164 and 166 as well as the TEC are often extremely busy with drop-in lab users during weeks 9-10 and finals week of each quarter. Library staff are encouraged to schedule other classrooms during this period or schedule events at other times, if possible.

L.    At least 10 working days' notice is required if special equipment or software must be installed.

M.    Food and smoking are prohibited in the MRC classrooms at all times.

N.    These policies will be reviewed as needed.

II.    Procedures

A.    Reservations

  1.  Reservations for the TEC and MRC classrooms will be made using Outlook Calendar.  Reservations by phone or email are not accepted.  In Outlook Calendar, create a meeting and add the room to the list of "People/Resources." 

    Reservations for the GML ITC classroom can be made using the following website for SOM/UCIMC users:

  1. All reservations for the TEC and MRC classrooms will be confirmed via Outlook Calendar. Once reservations are confirmed they will not be bumped.  Reservations for the GML ITC classroom will be confirmed via email and posted on the classroom door.
  2. Exceptions to Policy D (protected instruction times) above are made as follows:
  3. a)      The TEC or MRC request is submitted to the TEC or  MRC coordinator as appropriate

    b)      MRC or TEC coordinator staff will send an email to all instructors informing them of the request and allowing them a week to schedule the room if necessary.

    c)      If the room has not been scheduled during the weeklong window of opportunity, the exception will be granted and is not subject to bumping later.

B.   Cancellations

  1. TEC and MRC reservations which are no longer needed must be deleted from Outlook Calendar.  Cancellations are not accepted via phone or email. 

    GML ITC reservations which are no longer needed must be cancelled via Outlook Calendar if made by library staff or all other users can call (714) 456-5585

C.   All special requests for the TEC, MRC or the GML ITC classrooms’ equipment, software or room arrangements must be submitted via an IT Department Workticket at least ten business days prior to the day of the class.  All special requests for room arrangements must be submitted via a Facilities Department Work Order.

D.    Instructor Procedures

  1. Instructors will request training on equipment and software prior to the day of class, if needed.
  2. Instructors will arrive at least 10 minutes early for each class to ensure the rooms are ready
  3. At the end of the instruction session, all instructors must:

    For all rooms:

    • Erase whiteboards
    • Push in chairs
    • Pick up papers or trash left during instruction

    Additional steps for the TEC

    • Turn off the LCD projector
    • Logout of Windows session and shutdown instructor computer
    • Turn on the fans

    Additional steps for the MRC classrooms and GML ITC

    • Turn off projector and instructor computer and inform desk staff that you are finished using the room.

  4. Instructors should report problems with facilities (lighting, room temperature, furniture, etc.). or with software or hardware to: 

    • TEC: IT  Help Desk at x48535
    • MRC: MRC Front Desk at x47072
    • ITC: GML Front Desk at (714) 456-5585