Skype Account Creation

You will find the shortcut Skype, located in your UCI Libraries\Utilities folder.

Creating a Skype Account:

1. Click on this shortcut to execute the application:
2. The first time you run the application you will be presented with the following window:

Create Account

This is the name that will be used as your Skype Account. The Library IT Department does not currently create Skype accounts for staff, nor is there a recommended standard naming convention for such accounts.

  • Full Name: “Your full name” - This is the name that will be used as your Skype Account. The Library IT Department does not currently create Skype accounts for staff
  • Create Skype Name: “Abbreviated version of your name” – Other Skype users will use this as a means to identify your specific account
  • Password: “Password to log into your account” – Password must be at least 6 charactors long and contain at least 1 letter and 1 number
  • Repeat Password: “Retype Password to log into your account”
  • Email: “Enter an email account which will be used to receive notification from Skype
  • Repeat email: ”Retype email account” - This is for verification purposes
  • NOTE: - You might want to uncheck the box, “Yes, send me Skype news and promotions”

After you have read the Skype End User License Agreement, the Skype Terms of Service, and the Skype Privacy Statement Click on the I agree button. In the event the name you have choosen is already in use, you may be prompted to select a different name

Library IT Recommendation:  You may want to store your password so that you do not forget it.    This is not something that the Library IT Department will be able to change in the event you forget your selected password. You can have Skype resend the information by visiting: (Click Here)

3. Click Next to continue to the next screen:

Create Account 2

Continued creation of Skype Account:

  • Country/Region: “United States” – The country from which you are connecting to Skype (United States is the default).
  • City: “Where you live” – This is your home city
  • Birthday: “Your Birthday” – Personal birthday information
  • Mobile phone number: “Your cell phone number” – Your cell phone number
  • NOTE: - You should uncheck the box “Sign me in when Skype starts”, this will keep the application from launching when you log into a workstation and if enabled might impact the speed of your workstation
When you account has been successfully created the following window will appear :

Create Account 3

The Skype – Welcome screen will give an overview on how to use the application. If you are already familiar with the application you can check the box “Do not show this guide at startup” and you will no longer be presented with the guide.

6. Congratulations! you have created your Skype account and you are ready to make calls.