UCI LIBTitle of FormResponsibility of:
01Academic Review Action Summary for LibrariansReview Initiator and Library HR
01aAcademic Review Action Summary for Law LibrariansReview Initiator and Library HR
02Identification of EvaluatorsReview Initiator
03Model Solicitation of Letters of Evaluation
a. From UCI Library EmployeeReview Initiator
b. From Other Than UCI Library EmployeeReview Initiator
c. For Candidate for Distinguished Status -- No longer used
d. From Former Review Initiator at UCIReview Initiator
e. From Former Review Initiator No Longer at UCIReview Initiator
f. For candidate for Career Status from Other than a UCI EmployeeReview Initiator
g. For candidate for Career Status from a UCI EmployeeReview Initiator
04Candidate's Review Record Assembly GuidelinesReviewee
06Review Initiator's Review Record Assembly ListReview Initiator
07Candidate's Certification Statement and Documentation ChecklistLibrary HR and Reviewee (initiated by Library HR)
09Criteria for Personnel Actions for the Librarian Series (include in solicitations of letters)Review Initiator
10Criteria for Advancement to Distinguished Status --No longer used
UCI APTitle of FormResponsibility of:
99Academic - Career History & Publication RecordReviewee
51Request for Summary or Redacted Copy of Confidential Material -- No longer needed
--Position ProfileReview Initiator