Administration-Funded Librarywide Employee Recognition Events


It is natural for library employees to wish to celebrate the arrival of new colleagues and to honor longtime colleagues who are leaving. The library administration values the employees of the Libraries and wishes to support events that recognize these important moments in our colleagues' working lives. The criteria and guidelines below shall guide the library in creating and funding such recognition events.

Criteria and Guidelines

The criteria and guidelines are organized by the type of employee event being recognized:

The criteria determine which library-wide employee recognition events may receive library administration funding. The criteria are not intended to discourage departments from funding and holding other events (which do not meet the criteria) to which the entire library is invited.

All recognition events, regardless of the source of funding, must comply with University policies and procedures, including University policies concerning which types of funds may be used.

The guidelines assign responsibility for the planning of recognition events funded by library administration and set limits on expenditures for the event as well as for gifts.

An important principle is repeated throughout the guidelines: the person for whom the event is held must agree to the event in advance.

Finally, although every effort will be made to provide the funding indicated in these guidelines, these funding commitments are subject to the availability of funds.

To Request Authorization for Funding

To request authorization to use library administration funding for a library-wide employee recognition event, the employee's department head (or AUL when the employee is a department head) should send an e-mail, with a proposed itemized budget, to the Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services, who will copy the Business Office with a response.

To Pay for Expenses

Contact the Business Office for instructions on how to pay for expenses and obtain reimbursements.