The Library Human Resources (LHR) Department is committed to recruiting and developing an excellent and inclusive workforce of librarians, staff, and student assistants whose high-quality service fulfills the mission of the UCI Libraries.  We recognize and encourage the value of diversity in the workplace.    We administer and effectively communicate sound policies and practices that treat employees with dignity, respect, and equality while maintaining compliance with UC policies, labor agreements, and employment laws. 

LHR is the first point of contact for all library employees regarding all human resources matters.

Contact us:

Kathryn Kjaer
Head, Library Human Resources
(949) 824-8521

Rhonda Bradley
Assistant Director, Library Human Resources
(949) 824-4934
Lynda Rogers
Personnel Analyst
(949) 824-7115

Azadeh Vosoughian
Senior Analyst, Analytics and Assessment
(Administrative Services)
(949) 824-4145

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Contact Responsibilities:

Kathryn Kjaer, Head, Library Human Resources

  • Academic/Librarian recruitments
  • Academic/Librarian reviews
  • New employee orientation
  • Librarian classification questions and issues
  • Diversity
  • Internships
  • Training and organizational development
  • Sexual harassment advisor
  • Professional development
  • Telecommuting agreements
  • Human resources policies and procedures
  • Academic personnel policies
  • Academic employee and labor relations
  • Liaison to the Office of Academic Personnel and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diverstiy

Rhonda Bradley, Assistant Director, Library Human Resources

  • Staff recruitments
  • Benefits orientation and questions (including FML, CFRA, maternity leave, leaves of absence)
  • Staff policy questions
  • Staff employee and labor relations
  • Staff job classifications
  • Staff job descriptions
  • Equity reviews
  • Workplace accommodations
  • Ergonomic accommodations
  • Staff policy questions
  • Professional development
  • Staff performance management:
    • represented staff evaluations
  • Supervisor advice and training
  • Academic review certification and administration
  • CPO/liaison to Campus Human Resources

Lynda Rogers, Personnel Analyst

  • Payroll
  • Timesheets/TRS
  • Student employment
  • New hire on-boarding (students, interns, staff, and librarians)
  • Conference room Langson 570 scheduling
  • Benefits changes/UPAY 850
  • FML, worker’s comp and disability paperwork
    • healthcare provider certification
  • Incident reports
  • Organization charts
  • Interview travel arrangements
  • Staff policy questions
  • Update staff directory
  • Separation process
  • Routine policies and procedures:
    • bargaining unit
    • attendance
    • accrual balances
    • return to work doctor's note
  • Sends email to 
    • notify Parking & Transportation
    • new employee to initiate UCInetID
    • request proximity key card

Azadeh Vosoughian, Senior Analyst, Analytics and Assessment

  • Diversity
  • Training and organizational development
  • Statistics and assessments
    • library statistics
    • assment methods development
    • survey design
    • data analyses
    • library-wide survey calls
    • IRB procedures, applications, and approvals
  • Grant proposals
    • pre-award procedures
    • proposal development consultation
    • budget development consultation
    • obtaining Leadership Council approval
    • initiation and submission of proposals in Kuali Coeus
    • form 700U
    • communications between Sponsored Project Office and UCI Libraries