Policy on Library Assistant Participation in Instruction

Revised 5/14/07, Reviewed 5/14/12

Library Assistants are available to help librarians with instruction sessions. They may assist with sessions on applications such as RefWorks and EndNote, general instruction, or instruction in subject-based areas. In order to avoid asking a library assistant to perform work that is outside her/his classification level, the following guidelines apply.

  • L.A. IIIs can serve as rovers and assistants in instruction sessions.
  • L.A. IVs and L.A. Vs can serve as assistants or primary instructors in certain circumstances.
Librarians may request the assistance of a Library Assistant for their instruction session by contacting the LA's supervisor. Do not contact the library assistant directly. The supervisor will ensure that instruction responsibilities are distributed equitably and that ongoing job responsibilities are met. Requests for L.A. IVs and L.A. Vs as primary instructors also will be reviewed by the L.A.'s supervisor and in consultation with the Head of Education and Outreach.