The Acquisitions Department purchases and acquires materials for the Libraries' collections that bibliographers have selected to support the Libraries' mission and campus academic programs. We order and process invoices for books, audiovisual materials, microforms, periodicals, government documents as well as electronic journals and collections. We acquire materials from across the globe in a number of languages from a variety of publishers and vendors. We also receive gift collections donated to the Libraries. The acquisitions process includes selecting a vendor for the order, ordering the material, receiving it and processing the invoice for payment.  Material is then routed to the library shelves or is sent on to the Cataloging Department.

The Acquisitions Department adheres to UCI's Ethical Conduct in Purchasing Practice as well as the American Library Association's Code of Ethics and the American Library Association's Statement on Principles and Standards of Acquisitions Practice.  In particular, we strive to be a department where we "provide the highest level of service" while complying with established standards of conduct and where co-workers and other colleagues are treated "with respect, fairness, and good faith."