The Ordering and Monographic Receiving Unit processes orders for media and print monographs.

Monograph orders

Requests over $1000 [$2000 for Special Collections items] must be pre-approved by the Head, Collections Dept.

Monographic orders are accepted in various ways:

  • Email messages to (Include all title/publisher information at the top of the email in a clear/concise format.  Do not just forward an email string as this can be unclear and require additional back and forth between Acquisitions and the Bibliographer.)
  • Annotated publisher’s catalogs and flyers, notification/approval slips, ads snipped from newspapers and other scholarly communications sent via intercampus mail to Acquisitions Order Team
  • Titles selected via YBP’s GOBI3 database

All requests should be legible, from a reliable source and have a valid fund code.

Special handling or location instructions: These must be included on the order.

Valid handling notes include:

  • Deliver to [name and campus location]
  • Notify and hold: [name and email address or campus location]


Added copy or special edition: When applicable, indicate clearly on the request that you are requesting an added copy or a specific edition.

Deadlines and discounts: Orders which must be placed by a deadline (to ensure a discount or other condition of purchase) must be flagged and sent as soon as possible [but no later than 72 hours before the deadline expires]

Multiple volumes: When requesting a multi-volume work, indicate clearly on the request which volumes are to be ordered or if a standing order is wanted.

Vendor selection: Acquisitions department current guidelines for vendor selection will be used. We invite your advice and recommendations for hard to obtain materials.

Major monographic vendors
  • YBP - 18% discount, no shipping or handling
  • Eastern Book Company
  • Ingram/Coutts
  • Aux Amateurs - no discount, handling charges apply
  • Harrassowitz - no discount, no shipping charges
Average Delivery Times
  • Domestic vendor - 4-8 weeks
  • European vendor 8-12 weeks
  • Asian vendor – 16-24 weeks

Rush requests are accepted for Faculty Classroom Use. Rush requests typically incur an additional rush shipping and handling charge from the vendor which will be charged to your fund code. Do not mix rush requests in with routine requests. Indicate clearly that you want the title rush ordered. Rush order requests sent via email must contain the word "RUSH” in the subject line and should be flagged "HIGHEST" priority.

Rush requests must contain the name & department of the faculty member as well as the name of the course for which the material is needed. Rush items will be delivered to the faculty member (except media).

Flag all antiquarian materials or time-sensitive special sale catalogs which require special ordering to alert the searcher to this need.

Rush requests for Faculty Research Use (outside of classroom use) will be accepted on an exceptional basis.  These rush requests need prior approval from the Head of Collection Development and the Head of Acquisitions. (Or the direct approval of the AUL for Research Resources)


Open orders, which have not been received are routinely claimed or redirected.

Orders reported as out-of-print will be returned to the bibliographer. S/he may request that an out of print search be done.


Acquisitions performs out-of-print searching in the three following instances:

  • Bibliographer submits a request for title known to be out-of-print to Acquisitions. Bibliographer should indicate on the request that the title is out-of-print so we can immediately begin OP searching.
  • Vendor notifies us that a title we have ordered through them has been reported as out-of-print by the publisher. In this instance, the Order team assistant will cancel the order and return it to the bibliographer. If an OP search is desired, the bibliographer should re-submit the order to Acquisitions.
  • Bibliographer submits a request for a title that is of keen interest indicating on the request that an OP search should be performed if the titles is or becomes out-of-print.


What is the procedure for accepting gifts-in-kind donations?

Questions about gifts-in-kind should be directed to:

Acquisitions Ordering & Monographic Receiving Unit (949) 824-7205

The complete policy regarding gifts may be found HERE.