The Electronic Resources Unit in Acquisitions (the ER Unit) processes all local firm and subscription orders that involve an online resource. This includes serials, monographs and databases, i.e., any order that has an online component. Online products that are free to the world are processed by Cataloging upon request. The Head of Electronic Resources and Serials Acquisitions is responsible for negotiating all local (Tier 3) licenses for electronic resources, as well as any Tier 2 license that originates with a UCI bibliographer.


  • Determines appropriate vendor and orders materials.
  • Downloads bibliographic records from OCLC and creates order and holdings records.
  • Activates or revises local URLs.
  • Maintains holdings data in the bibliographic record for Tier 3 electronic resources.
  • Maintains the SFX database that activates UC e-links.
  • Troubleshoots all access issues, through the Electronic Resources Error Reporting system.


  • Negotiates all Tier 3 license agreements new electronic resource orders and licenses required at renewal. 
  • Negotiates Tier 2 license agreements for electronic resource orders originating with UCI.
  • Maintains pool of DDA-eligible records in Antpac and OCLC.
  • Processes all Tier 3 renewals with an online component by negotiating price (where possible) and submitting renewal approval request to bibliographer, Head of Collection Development and AUL for Research Resources.
  • Manages the ER Unit: sets unit policies, creates procedures and workflows for managing the lifecycle of electronic resources.


  • Submits e-book firm orders through GOBI or Oasis.
  • Submits all other online resource orders through the Online Resources Order Form.  The Head of Collection Development or the AUL for Research Resources will approve the order prior to the ER Unit working to fulfill the order.
  • Sends additional ordering documentation regarding sales reps, previous pricing negotiations, licensing, etc., to the Head of Electronic Resources and Serials Acquisitions. This information should be included with the order, if possible.
  • Reports online resource access issues (including CDL resources) using the E-Resources Error Reporting Form.
  • Participates in renewal approval process by responding to email from Head of Electronic Resources and Serials Acquisitions with a recommendation to renew or cancel.
  • Checks the Usage Stats Folder in the Collections folder if stats are needed. Stats information is listed by publisher with username/password for access. If the necessary information is not included, contacts the Head of Electronic Resources and Serials Acquisitions.